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How to Bowl More Strikes at Mid County Lanes


bowlingWhether you’re in a bowling league or enjoying a date night out at Mid County Lanes, we bet you’re wondering how to bowl more strikes. While technique and form are very important, did you know that bowling is very much a mental game?

It’s important to clear your mind and stay focused when you bowl. Check out these tips to bowl more strikes!

Stay Focused When It’s Your Turn

When it’s your turn, do your best to block out other people, distractions, and noises. If you’re focused on elements other than bowling, you won’t be able to bowl a strike. The best way to get used to pushing noises and distractions to the background is to practice often! Come to Mid County Lanes multiple times a week and practice bowling strikes. This will get you ready for your big competition or night out with friends.

Loosen Up & Have Fun

You likely joined your bowling league or chose bowling as your go-to date night activity because you enjoy this pastime. So, remember to have fun when you’re bowling – it actually has a lot of mental benefits! If you get too serious, your excitement will be replaced stress.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Results

Have you ever heard the expression, “the joy is in the journey, not the destination”? That means to have fun and find happiness as you work toward your goal! Of course, it’s important to set goals. Goals give us a sense of direction. But, as you work toward your goal, enjoy the journey!

Are you ready to bowl? Check out our hours, and come to the bowling alley today!


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