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4 Tips to Improve Your Bowling Game


bowlingBowling is one of America’s favorite pastimes. This fun activity provides incredible benefits such as reduced stress, increased eye/hand coordination, stronger muscles, and much more. If you’ve been bowling for a while and want to improve your skills, take a look at the following tips:

Slow Your Feet

When your feet are ahead of the swing, this is called fast feet. This may cause you to be off balance, which means your throw won’t be on target. Practice taking steps that line up with your throw to ensure your body weight is accurately balanced. By doing this, we’re sure you will be able to bowl more strikes!

Adjust Your Grip

Depending on how you want to throw the ball, your hands and fingers need to be placed accordingly. With a fingertip grip, you are able to throw a hook. The name accurately represents what you should do – grip it with your fingertips. The conventional grip allows you to throw the ball straight down the lane. When you grip the bowling ball, insert your fingers into the ball to your second finger joint.

Learn About the Oil

Where you place your feet or what grip you choose are important to a good bowl. But, you also must understand elements about the lane. Each lane is oiled to ensure the bowling ball rolls properly. Usually, the center of the lane is oiled a bit more than the sides. If you sense the oil is affecting your roll, change up your game by decreasing/increasing speed, hooking the ball, or change the weight of your ball.

Join a League

What better way to learn how to become a better bowler than learning from other bowlers? Join a league and watch how fast you’ll improve simply by practicing often and watching how other bowlers compete. Are you ready to get your bowl on? Check out our hours, then head to Mid County Lanes today!