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3 Common Bowling Injuries & How to Prevent Them


stretchWhether you’ve been bowling for 20 years or 20 minutes, it’s important to keep your body in top shape to prevent bowling injuries. The team at Mid County Lanes has put together a list of injuries that may occur if proper bowling technique isn’t used. Fortunately, for each common bowling injury, there are preventative measures you can take!

Discover the most common bowling injuries and how to prevent them:

Pulling Your Lower Back Muscles

When you pull your back muscles, everything you do is affected – walking, bending over, reaching for an item, and taking part in your favorite activity (bowling) is suddenly out of the question. Newer bowlers tend to pull their lower back muscles when they don’t stretch properly beforehand. Not many people realize that bowling requires a lot of bending, lifting, and proper technique. Stretch your back muscles to keep them warm and loose.

Spraining Your Bowling Thumb

A thumb sprain may occur due to a tight-fitting thumb hole. If you’re a bowler that tries to spin the ball more often than not, you have an increased chance of getting bowler’s thumb. You can prevent thumb sprains by gripping the ball properly, wearing bowling tape on your thumb, and using the appropriate ball size. Take these precautions so you can keep bowling strikes and having fun at Mid County Lanes.

Injuring Your Bicep

One of many bicep injuries that can occur while bowling is biceps tendinitis. This happens due to repeated arm swings at improper form. Consult with other bowlers or research online proper technique and form to make sure you are bowling correctly. Take time to do these three simple exercises so you can prevent this painful injury.

Mid County Lanes knows that no matter what day it is, people need to have fun! That’s why we’re open every day of the week. Check out our hours, invite some friends and family members, and head to the alley today!


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