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Tips for Beginning Bowlers

Bowling is one of the most popular leisure sports in the country. Over 70 million people play every year in the US alone! If you want to start bowling but don’t know how, here are five tips for new bowlers.

  • Ask Questions! Don’t be shy or afraid to ask for help. The staff at Mid County Lanes are friendly and helpful, and we’d love to answer your questions. Many seasoned bowlers are excited to share their knowledge and experience as well.
  • Follow Good Bowling Etiquette. Just like any sport, there are rules to make sure that everyone has a good time. Wait your turn, don’t use other people’s bowling balls, and don’t use trash talk. Mocking or taunting other bowlers won’t make you any friends. bowling
  • Select the Right Ball. Don’t pick a ball that’s too heavy! You’ll be holding it for a long time, so make sure your arm won’t get overtired. You’ll also want to make sure that the finger holes aren’t so far apart that you have to stretch your hand too far, and that your fingers slide in and out easily. Again, ask for help if you need it!
  • Don’t Look at the Pins. This can feel counter-intuitive, but looking at the pins won’t help you aim. The arrows and dots on the lane floor will do you better. Try aiming for the second arrow from the right if you’re right-handed (the second arrow from the left for lefties).
  • Don’t Worry About the 7-10 Split. The 7-10 split means that only two pins are left: the one in the back left corner, and the one in the back right corner. This is a very tricky situation, even for professional bowlers. Don’t let it bother you. Pick a pin and try for that one!

Bowling is a great way to have fun. Check out our open bowling hours and come join us!