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The Benefits of Bowling (It’s Not Just For Fun)

You know that a trip to the lanes is fun, but did you know it’s also good for you? There are tons of benefits to going bowling.

  • Social Benefits. Whether you want to make new friends, connect with old friends or family, or just have some time to yourself, bowling is a great way to do it. Joining a league at Mid County Lanes will introduce you to new people from all walks of life.
  • Cognitive Benefits. Did you know that learning a new skill is good for your brain? It’s true! There’s evidence that learning new things can keep your brain sharp and even help prevent the onset of dementia.
  • Physical Benefits. Bowling isn’t quite as much of a workout as kickboxing, for instance, but it sure beats binge-watching TV on the couch. Some time at the lanes does get you up and moving, using muscles you may not use regularly, and helps to improve your flexibility and balance. Plus, Mid County Lanes is fully air-conditioned, so there’s no need to sweat in the summer heat.
  • Emotional Benefits. Playing games while listening to music is undeniably good for your mood. So is mild exercise! Endorphins released by having fun and moving around will help manage stress, and everybody wants that. Plus, nothing beat the sense of accomplishment from practicing and getting better at a new skill.

Whether you’re joining a league or just coming out for open bowling, we can’t wait to see you at Mid County Lanes.


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