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Tackle These Common Mistakes to Up Your Game

Are you ready to take your bowling game to the next level? Are you frustrated with your lack of progress lately? These are some of the most common bowling mistakes we see at Mid County Lanes. Next time you’re at the lanes, check to see if you’re guilty of one of them. mistake

  • Rushing. This is especially common in the approach and delivery. Take your time! Don’t take all day, but be deliberate in your movements. Concentrate on proper form rather than running, and take a few deep breaths before you start to help with this.
  • Improper Stance. Are you holding your ball in the center of your chest to start, or out to the side? Your arm should swing freely, straight back and forth.
  • Bad Balance. Do you wobble a little bit–or even a lot? That’s not going to do your game any favors. Concentrate on stability to improve this.
  • Drifting. Do you start on one board and end on another? This sort of excess movement is going to play havoc with your score.
  • Bad Release. Does your ball drop several feet down the lane? This isn’t baseball, it’s bowling! Bowling balls are meant to roll. Don’t release the ball before your foot starts to slide on its final step, and you’ll get a nice, smooth release.

If you’re not seeing the improvements you’d like, don’t be afraid to ask! The staff at Mid County Lanes are here to help. And remember, practice makes perfect–check out our bowling leagues for a chance to really hone your skills!


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