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Our Favorite Classic Arcade Games

Arcades used to be widespread, and if you were born before the 1990s, you probably have fond memories of wasting many an afternoon (and many, many quarters) trying to beat your favorite games at the local arcade. As the cultural relevance of the shopping mall declined and the availability of at-home video games skyrocketed, arcades all over the country closed. 

Today, you may not be able to find an arcade in your local mall, but you don’t have to resign yourself to a joyless existence devoid of the classic arcade games that made our youths so fun. Just come to Mid County Lanes and Entertainment to feel like a kid again at our Family Fun Galaxy arcade

Classic Arcade Games

What are your favorite classic arcade games? We have an array of classic and new games, but these are some of the timeless classics we can’t get enough of. 

Air Hockey

Who would think that a simple puck and handheld strikers could incite such fierce competition?! Air hockey is an arcade classic for a reason, and it’s easy to see why once you play a game. Guarding your “goal” and trying to score on your competition will get your adrenaline pumping, and the super-low-friction surface created by the air cushioning the puck leads to a fast-paced game that is anything but boring.

Ice-Ball (aka Skee-Ball)

Everyone knows this game, in which players toss lightweight, palm-sized balls down an alley and over a hump to send the ball into one of several rings, each with its own point value. A little bit like bowling, a little bit of test-your-luck carnival game, and a whole lot of fun, skee-ball is one of those games you’ll want to play over and over again until you master it. 

Racing Games

Driving games are a staple of any arcade worth its salt, and here at Mid County Lanes and Entertainment, we’ve got you covered with some classic racing games that will satisfy your need for speed. 

NBA Hoops Basketball

How many shots can you sink before the buzzer? This arcade take on basketball is fast-paced and fun, whether or not you’re a baller. Challenge a buddy for an added element of competition.

Claw Machines

The allure of a claw machine prize is hard to beat. While the prizes are cool, it’s the sense of satisfaction from beating the game that will make you treasure anything you manage to lift into the prize chute! Try your hand (or rather, claw) at our giant claw machine full of huge stuffed animals, or one of our smaller machines with fun prizes like plushies, rubber duckies, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a unique date night with your special someone, a cool place for a birthday party, or you want to introduce your kids to favorite games from your youth, our Middleton arcade is the place to go. Come on in and enjoy some friendly competition!