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Did You Know There’s More than One Type of Bowling?

Bowling ball striking bowling pins

Bowling ball striking bowling pinsSo you like to bowl … But how many types of bowling have you tried? Here at Mid County Lanes, we offer 10-Pin bowling, which is the standard at most American bowling alleys and therefore what most people in the U.S. think of when they hear “bowling.” But there are actually many variations on this beloved sport, including:

  • Candlepin – This form of bowling was invented in Massachusetts in 1880 and is mainly found in New England. The balls are much smaller (only about 4.5”) and the pins are very thin (like candle sticks). Each frame has 3 throws and the fallen pins aren’t cleared between throws. What’s more, the pins are rather hard to knock down.
  • Duckpin – Duckpin balls are about 3.75 pounds and don’t have finger holes! The pins are shorter and more stout than our 10-Pin bowling pins and are also much lighter, making it harder to get a strike.
  • 5-Pin – This style of bowling is a Canadian variant. The ball is hand-sized and 5 pins are arranged in a V shape with each pin being worth a different amounts of points.
  • 9-Pin – The pin and balls for 9-Pin are very similar to 10-pin bowling, but the similarity end there. 9-Pin (sometimes called kegel) arranges its 9 pins in a triangle formation. The head pin is always red. 9-Pin is a team game, where 2 teams of 6 players each take 2 turns. Interestingly, the pins are not reset between teammates, so each player picks up where their teammate left off. This variation is very popular in Europe.

Come enjoy a few games of 10-Pin at our Middletown bowling alley! Check our hours and make your plans today.


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