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Limber Up: Bowling Warm Up Stretches for Better Bowling

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If you bowl regularly, you’ve probably seen other bowlers warming up, and hopefully you do too! While your warm up is an easy step to skip, you really should make time for it if you want to bowl your best and minimize your chance of injury. Keep reading to learn some great bowling warm up stretches, and make sure you use them next time you bowl at Mid County Lanes

Why warm up before bowling? 

Are you wondering why you need to warm up for bowling? After all, it’s not like you’re running a marathon or quarterbacking a football game. Well, while bowling may not be the most strenuous sport out there, it is still a whole body sport that requires coordination, strength, and skill.

Swinging your arm around while holding a heavy ball is a great way to pull a muscle if you aren’t properly warmed up, so you should always do at least a few of these stretches before you start a game. Stretching literally warms up your muscles, preparing them for action and reducing the chance of a sprain or strain, and it can help you avoid repetitive strain injuries from doing the same motion over and over. 

Bowling Stretches

While these bowling stretches are a great way to warm up, remember that they can also help you stay limber during a game. And remember never to stretch just one side of your body; always maintain symmetry by stretching both. 


  • Stretch your hamstrings by bending at the waist and touching your toes.
  • Stand on one foot while bending and lifting the other leg backwards. Grasp your lifted foot with your hand to stretch your quad muscle. Repeat with the other side. 
  • Stretch your calf muscles by lunging forward with one leg while keeping the other foot flat on the ground behind you. 
  • Widen your stance with your feet past your shoulders. Lift your arms and lean to one side, then back to position. Lean forward and touch the ground with your hands, leaning into the stretch. Return to your starting position and lean to the other side. 


  • Extend your arm straight out and slowly swing it in a full circle, first forward, and then backward. Repeat with the other arm. This will help loosen up your shoulder joints and arm muscles, which are obviously crucial to bowling. 
  • Extend one arm across your chest and use your other arm to gently pull it towards you, stretching your upper arm and shoulder. Repeat with the other arm. 

Wrists and Hands

  • Extend your arms straight out in front of you. Drop your hands (think zombie arms), and gently point your fingers back towards your body until you feel the stretch. Reverse by holding one hand up like you’re making a “stop” gesture, and gently pulling the fingertips back towards your body with the opposite hand. 
  • Interlace your fingers and hold your arms above your body, palms towards the ceiling.
  • Try these strengthening exercises for your thumbs, fingers, hands, and wrists. 

Ready to put your newfound knowledge to work? Visit our Middletown bowling alley for Sunday Morning Practice, or join one of our bowling leagues and let the good times roll.