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Kids Go Spare Over Mid County Lanes Parties

Playing sports is it’s own reward, right? Wrong! Kids may have fun playing football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, or other school and community sports, but playing the game takes a lot of hard work. Kids practice regularly, show up on time for games, and hone their skills while encouraging their team members. Remind them why they play the game with a sports team party at Mid County Lanes!

4 Tips for the Ultimate Team Party

  1. boy playing baseballMap a strategy. Like, way ahead. Pre-season parties are a great way to break the ice, help the kids connect, and start fostering team spirit. If you’re planning a post-season team party, pick a handful of dates—let’s call them the “Playoff Party” date and the “All-Star Regular Season” date—and get them approved by the parents. It’s not a team party if everyone is riding the bench (AKA the kids have other plans).
  2. Pick your roster. Is this celebration team members only? Are parents invited? What about siblings? Before booking a venue, get a rough estimate of how many guests will be attending.
  3. Choose a side. Where will you celebrate your wins? Mid County Lanes is a great location for team parties in Middletown. We have food, fun, and plenty more next door.
  4. Make a speech. Motivate your team with an acknowledgement of their struggles and successes. Commendations aren’t all about choosing the season’s MVP. You should also applaud kids who improved, tried a new position, or were all-stars at helping their teammates succeed.

Spring sports are wrapping up. Book your team event at Mid County Lanes.


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