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Finding Your Bowling Ball

When going out with the family for bowling night, most just find a ball in their favorite colors that fits their fingers. However, when it comes to bowling balls, there is so much more that goes into them. How do you figure out which one is right for you?

We have compiled a list of items to consider when picking the right bowling ball for you or even getting one made to your specifications.

How To Pick The Best Bowling Ball For You:

  1. Weight. This is the most important aspect. A Ball that is too heavy or too light will make it hard for you to bowl your normal game. Typically, the weight is determined by one pound for every ten pounds in your body weight. So, someone weighing 150 pounds would have a 15 pound bowling ball.
  2. Coverstock. Most common types are plastic and urethane. Each will spin the ball a different way.
  3. Reactive Resin. The type you get will depend on the type of bowler you are. For beginners, the solid reactive resin coverstock will be perfect.
  4. Cores. The three main types are: pancake cores, symmetrical cores and asymmetrical cores. We suggest pancake cores for beginners but you can read up on the differences here.
  5. USBC approved. Almost all balls made today are USBC approved, which only means that you can use them in a professional competition.
  6. Have the holes drilled. We highly suggest using a professional for this, as we can drill the holes to best match the core of the ball as well as your fingers.
  7. Practice and be patient. Once you get the ball to all of your specifications just be patient and work with it.

We hope these tips have made buying your new bowling ball a lot easier.

Make sure you come show off your new ball at Mid County Lanes this year!


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