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Don’t Be that Bowling Bozo

No matter what activity you’re participating in, there are some general rules of etiquette and safety—both written and unwritten. The same goes for bowling. We’re here to teach you or your children basic bowling etiquette and safety.

We hope the following tips will promote a safe, exciting night of family fun and friendly competition.

  • Don’t eat or drink on the wooden flooring around the lanes (called “the approaches”). The approaches need to stay clean for easier ball movement. If a spill happens on the approaches, no worries! Just let someone at Mid County Lanes know so we can clean it up immediately.
  • One ball at a time please. I know we sometimes get those two pin splits and someone wants to try the double ball move but this can cause some serious damage to our equipment. If a ball gets stuck half way down the lane, instead of throwing another ball, get one of our staff and we will retrieve the stranded ball.
  • Don’t bowl when the sweep is down. The sweep is the mechanical arm the cleans the pins off after each turn. When you’re in a heated game, the sweep may seem to take a while. However, please do not bowl while the sweep is down as it could break the sweep or the machinery altogether.
  • Find a ball that is right for you. If you choose a ball that’s too heavy, you can drop the ball on your foot or behind you during your backswing. If you choose a ball that’s too light, the ball could go flying across lanes or up in the air.
  • Remember basic bowling etiquette. The major bowling etiquette rule is not to bowl when the people in the lanes on either side of you are winding up to bowl or are mid-bowl. Make sure to wait until your neighbors are finished before you begin.

We hope these few basics will make your family feel confident when walking into the bowling alley for family fun night! Check out our hours and events so no one misses out on the fun.


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