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Bowl Tips: How to Hold a Bowling Ball

Colorful bowling balls on ball return

Multiple colored bowling ballsInterested in bowling but not sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve bowled before but know your game could improve? Step one is easy; learn how to hold the ball properly. Check out some tips from the pros at Mid County Bowling in Middletown, Delaware to learn how to hold a bowling ball.

Conventional Grip

If you’re just starting out, try the conventional grip. This is a comfortable grip with the most ball control. It’s the most typical grip among beginners and intermediate bowlers. To achieve this grip, slide your thumb all the way into the hole. Your middle and ring fingers should each be in their hole up to the second knuckle.

Fingertip Grip

The fingertip grip is for more experienced bowlers. You still fully insert your thumb, but your middle and ring fingers are only inserted up to the first knuckle. This grip requires more strength than the conventional grip and it makes the ball more difficult to control. However, this grip allows for more hooking and pin carry.

Semi-Fingertip Grip

This is a hybrid of the two above grips. As you might expect, this grip requires the thumb to be fully inserted and the middle and ring finger to the midpoint between the first and second knuckle. It gives more hooking power than the fingertip grip and more control than the fingertip grip.

No matter what your preferred grip style is, come on down to our Middletown bowling alley! We have lots of great attractions and even offer Middletown bowling tournaments.