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Beyond Happy Hour: How to Plan a Work Team Outing

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So you’re planning a company outing. Whether you’re in charge of planning an event for your team, department, or even the whole company, this is one task you want to knock out of the park. When done right, team building events can have a powerful impact on morale, communication, and employee retention. If you’re not sure how to plan a successful work outing for your team, not to worry! We’ve got your back with these tips for a well-executed event that will earn rave reviews around the water cooler or breakroom. 

Start early.

When planning an event for your company, it’s always best to start a couple of months early if possible. That gives you plenty of time to finalize the budget, discuss goals and requirements for the event with other stakeholders, and then announce it to the employees. You’ll want to give teams enough of a heads up that they are able to incorporate the event into their schedules and make any necessary changes to meeting times, project schedules, etc. 

Consider the logistics.

One of the most important aspects of planning any group event is managing the logistics. Consider factors like capacity, parking, and distance from work to ensure the outing will be convenient for everyone and to schedule the day’s activities appropriately. You should also make sure employees know what the company outing is so they can dress accordingly. For bowling, comfortable business casual (or just plain casual!) clothing is fine, as long as guests have socks to wear with their rented bowling shoes. 

Choose a venue that multi-tasks. 

Think about the elements of a successful work event: entertainment, food, drinks, atmosphere. Selecting a venue that fulfills several of these needs will make your event planning tasks much easier. 

For instance, when you book an event at our bowling alley and entertainment center, you’ve got entertainment on lock. In addition to bowling, our entertainment options include laser tag (a perpetual favorite for team building events), bumper cars, and an arcade. We even have kids activities if you choose to host a company event for your employees’ families. 

Don’t worry about the menu; our kitchen serves up a range of party foods, from appetizers to entrees to desserts. There’s no need to deal with a catering company because we can help you create a menu that your group will love. And forget hiring bartenders—we have a full-service bar for any adult beverages your party requires.  

Here at Mid County Lanes in Middletown, we have years of experience helping our clients host crowd-pleasing events, so don’t stress! Just give us a call at 302-378-0677 to discuss your organization’s group event needs, or fill out our online form and we will contact you.