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After School Program: Beneficial or Just Added Fun?

With school back in full swing, there are a million different sports teams and after school programs for our kids to join. How do you choose? Once you choose, is your child on to something new the next week? After school programs and sports teams may seem like an endless amount of carpool and laundry duty. However, there are several benefits in having children participate in some sort of afternoon program.

Benefits of after-school programs

  • Leadership skills and camaraderie. Any after school program will feature a different group of people than their daily classrooms. Once they build relationships with these kids, they will feel a sense of belonging which leads to improvement of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved social skills. With more time being around peers and new faces, your child will become more comfortable talking to and getting to know people.
  • Exercise. After school programs can help to build a routine as well as healthy, active habits which kids will carry on to their adulthood.
  • Opportunity to explore new interests. After school programs give children the opportunity to try several different activities, hobbies, and sports. This gives kids the ability to try new things without the parents having to invest time and money into something they are not sure will stick.
  • Time management techniques. Students participating in an after-school program obviously have a busier schedule. This will help these children learn and develop time management skills. They will need to learn how to get their work done if they want to participate in the fun.

Here are some things you can do on your own to help with some of the items mentioned above without an after school program:

  • Help plan a classroom, youth group or scout outing at Mid County Lanes.
  • Encourage your children to meet one new friend at any of our Family Fun Galaxy.
  • Have a family outing with your best friends and their kids regardless of the age difference.

However your children are spending their afternoon, we hope they have as much fun as we do at Mid County Lanes.


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