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3 Reasons Why Bowling Makes a Great First Date


bowlingAre you looking for a great first date idea to wow your special someone? Look no further than Mid County Lanes! In addition to being affordable, bowling is a great conversation starter, it’s interactive, fun, and an awesome double date activity!

Check out 3 reasons why bowling is a great first date idea.

Bowling is a Great Conversation Starter

The worst feeling on a first date is enduring awkward silences. Lucky for you, bowling is a great conversation starter! You two can swap bowling stories or even give each other tips on how to be a better bowler. Between talking and bowling, awkward silences won’t even be an issue. (Are you ready to bowl? Check out our hours of operation.)

Bowling is a Double Date Activity

Sometimes, first dates are better when there’s another couple with you. Bowling is a great double date activity that’s sure to be a good time for all. You can even team up: couple vs. couple or girls vs. guys, and it’ll be a night full of competitive fun. Have you bowled a few games and want to keep bowling? You can! Unlike a movie or a dinner date, you get to decide how long the date lasts by adding more bowling games.

Bowling is Interactive & Fun

Let’s face it. When you’re at a restaurant, the only two activities you can do is talk and eat. And, to make it worse, it’s not polite to talk and eat at the same time. So, either your food goes cold or there’s silence across the dinner table. Bowling at Mid County Lanes is the solution! You can talk, eat, bowl, laugh, and dance to awesome music.

Do you have questions? Contact us today! We look forward to seeing you at our bowling alley.


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