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The Right Ball Makes All the Difference

bowling ballsAt Mid County Lanes in Middletown, DE, we think having the right bowling ball can make all the difference. Check out some of our tips and stop by our pro shop to step up your game today!

Customized for a Perfect Fit

The biggest difference between owning a bowling ball and using a house ball is the way a custom ball fits your hand. In fact, with custom finger holes drilled to specifically fit your hand, you might even want to add a pound or two to your usual house ball weight. House balls never fit perfectly and therefore, they are harder to grip. When you have a ball drilled for your hand, you’ll never even notice that extra weight.

Choosing the Right Material

There are a couple of materials you can choose from for your own bowling ball. Polyester is great for entry-level bowlers who aren’t throwing a huge hook. These balls are usually priced under $100. Or you can step up to a performance ball which is made out of reactive resin. These balls will allow you to put some wild spin on your roll without losing any control.

Get a Grip!

Now that you’ve picked out the material and weight of your ball, it’s time to get your finger holes drilled to fit your hand just right. Our pro shop will get you measured and discuss the most comfortable grip for your bowling ability and style. Add finger grips will allow you to add a little extra spin too. Talk to our pros about your options today!